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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

The community rules are designed to ensure that community members respect the values of other members, and aim to protect members and staff around the community to ensure that it is an enjoyable, safe experience for all its members. These rules are set in conjunction with our terms of service. You may be punished for breaking these rules. If you have any questions about the following rules, please don't hesitate to contact a higher staff member.

SPAM is not allowed.

- Do not post stupid, pointless and annoying messages. This includes meaningless posts, or posts with no relevance to the thread.

Respect other members on the board.

- Any interaction towards other members with the use of profanity will be subjected inappropriate and could lead to the suspension of account, or worst permanent ban.
- If someone acts uncivil, or harasses/intimidates you, you are not given the excuse to act the same in retaliation. If you disagree with the conduct of other members, please contact a staff member.

Foul language is unacceptable.

- Please do not use words that may be considered vulgar or offensive. Many swear words are automatically filtered, so intentionally bypassing the filter may result in an infraction. Do not use certain words in ways that may offend people.

Pornographic images must not be submitted anywhere on the community.

- Posting inappropriate content such as promoting violence in any form and posting/promoting Pornography is not tolerable. Any users caught doing this act will lead to an immediate, permanent ban, regardless of a members status or position.

Avoid double posting.

- Please try to avoid making more than one post in a row. Edit posts if you need to add more content on your post.

Do not post in threads that have not been posted in for more than a month.

- A thread that has not been posted in for more than a month (generally around 30 days) is considered “old”. Please do not revive old threads. If there is a topic you are interested in but the thread is too old to be posted in, create a new thread. Exceptions do apply in certain forums, so check the rules to see if they are exempt. Sticky threads are also usually exempt.

No unsolicited advertising.

- Advertising web sites or forums is not permitted. Members found to be joining for the purpose of advertising may be irrevocably banned. It is left to the discretion of the staff to decide whether a link to a website or forum may be considered advertising. Unacceptable forms of linking may be edited without question.

Copyright-infringing material.

- The community does not allow discussion of illegal materials, this includes the unauthorized distribution of TV shows, movies, video games, music, or software. You may not discuss how to obtain these materials,or link to other web sites containing these materials.

The DotA 2 Community is not a platform to sell goods or services.

- Monetary transactions, whether personal or commercial, are not allowed in any of our public forums. This includes posting pyramid scams (such as free iPods, LCDs etc.) is forbidden. All such posts/signatures will be edited or deleted. Any new users posting scams will be banned permanently; contributing users will either be warned or temporarily banned.

Registration and Accounts

Usernames should be appropriate and cannot contain hidden characters.

- All user names must conform to the community standards and be appropriate for a general family friendly audience. Hidden characters and UTF-8 characters designed to hide, glitch, or be unseen are not allowed in your username.

You are not allowed to use multiple accounts to create an illusion of more than one person.

- You may not create an alternate account simply to vote on a poll or back up an argument, mislead other members, or evade a ban.

User Profiles.

- User profiles are a way for you to show off your identity on PC. You can post and receive public messages on other profiles and display your friends and photos.

No inappropriate images.

- You are allowed to upload images to your personal album, but make sure they comply with the community rules. This means nothing inappropriate, whether in a private or public album.

Do not give out any personal information.

- Giving out information such as your full name, your address or telephone number can be very dangerous online.


If your signature breaches any of the following rules, it will be disabled and a notice will be appended in your signature space.

Signatures cannot exceed 350 pixels in height total.

- Signatures are exactly that: signatures. They're simply used for better identification of the poster and a form of expression on a forum. They do not need to take up anymore space than the content of your post. Signatures larger than 350 pixels in height are larger than they need to be. This includes blank space, text, images, and CSS.

Signatures cannot exceed 600 pixels in width.

- The total width of a signature cannot exceed 600 pixels in width. Images stretch the forum for smaller styles, and 600 pixels is the point where some of our smaller width styles and smaller screen resolutions start to break the HTML tables if something is too large in the post content. Text is permitted to exceed the 600px width limit.

Signatures must fit within the PG-13 age restriction.

- Themes containing in excess; violence, sex, aberrational behaviour, drug abuse, and nudity are not permitted within signatures.
Signatures should not be intentionally sexually provocative: This means that any scenes of a blatant sexual nature are not permitted within signatures. Anything surpassing a mild sexual reference will be considered as being intentionally sexually provocative.

Signatures should not contain violent scenes: Anything visibly harming oneself or another in a more than mildly graphic way would be considered a violent scene. The level of violence permitted is mild, anything malicious is not permitted. Themes of violence within signatures should not be very realistic, nor extreme.

Avoid rapidly changing images with high contrast.

- Consider the affect your images will have on a member with sensitive eyes, or with photosensitive epilepsy.

Do not abuse the CSS tags.

- Please do not use CSS in malicious or intrusive ways. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the staff, depending on severity of the offence.

General Forum Questions


In any case the aforementioned rules are not kept, we reserve the rights to ban you for inappropriate behavior and may lead to an IP ban for persistent violation..

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