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The DotA2 Community is now open for Supporters!

There has been a lot of changes lately and we are ready to go.

Screenshot of the new DotA2Community.

The new DotA2 Community is already out for everyone to use, although the new update still has bugs that needed to be fix, mostly for Google Chrome users, it still run smoothly and as intended. Dev team is working to fix the bugs as soon as possible. You can also help us by informing the staff if you encountered some errors/bugs. Kindly Private message us or post it at the community feedback section for a much detailed information about it.

For the updates and changes, will be posting it soon so stay tuned!
Learn more about the update

Supporter donations are now open!

What’s more, we are now open for donations, if you’re interested in supporting the community, this is your chance!

Since the Community’s running costs are still quite a handful, we rely on solely advertisements and our own funds, so we’ve made this decision to accept donations for those who want to help the community. With a donation, you'll receive a whole range of cool benefits, protected section, unique ranks, colorful usernames and many other cool features only available for forum supporters. What’s more, donations are now instant — you’ll become a supporter and get the benefits the moment you make the donation and informed us. You can also donate on the behalf of another member, allowing them to access the benefits. Feeling generous? Do it for two or more members plus yourself, you are not just helping them, you are also helping the community.

You can donate with most credit or debit cards, or use Paypal, GCash, Smart Padala, CoinsPH, or Paymaya. It’s safe and secure!

Donations are administered by the DotA2Community's most trusted staffs, and will be used explicitly to fund the server, upgrades and promotions on the community.
Learn more about donations

(With thanks to our present staff team, as well as past staffs.)

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